Business Objectives

Within the grand tapestry of Zenbase's business model, a harmonious symphony of revenue generation unfolds, guided by the captivating melody of the freemium approach. Departing from exorbitant subscription costs, Zenbase finds its prosperity through strategic alliances forged within the captivating realm of the Zenverse—an in-app Web3 marketplace where untold possibilities await. As the journey commences, glimpses of advertisements emerge as fleeting companions, gracing the app's launch and the onset of each blissful meditation session.
Yet, beyond the realms of serendipitous encounters lies Zenbase Premium—an oasis of elevated experiences beckoning the intrepid souls. Within its hallowed confines, a 30% surge in ZENT rewards awaits, an invitation to bask in the absence of advertisements, and a plethora of enchanting features to amplify one's journey. For the seekers of enlightenment, Zenbase Premium stands as a gateway to boundless possibilities. Priced at $4.99 per month or attainable through the accumulation of earned Zentoken, it extends a hand, guiding them to the realm of limitless discovery and profound transformation.